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I’m Marlon avery

AI Practitioner, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Visionary dedicated to ensuring AI becomes a positive tool for humanity.

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AI Innovator, Speaker, and Workshop Leader

Marlon Avery is an AI Innovator, Keynote Speaker, and Visionary Leader dedicated to transforming AI into a positive force for humanity.

Marlon leverages his experience as Engineering Director at Lightship Capital, where he spearheaded the development of innovative AI solutions like the GPT-3-based AI Grant Writer (one of the first of its kind in 2021). This experience fuels his passion for AI's potential, leading him to found AImpact. Through AImpact, he empowers businesses to harness AI for growth by offering expert-led training and workshops.

His mission is to reduce AI fears and boost creativity, empowering organizations and individuals to thrive in the AI-driven future.

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With over 50 workshops and seminars, engaging more than 10,000 attendees globally, Marlon excels at making complex AI concepts accessible and actionable. He’s a sought-after panelist and speaker at prestigious events, sharing stages with giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft. His insights into AI’s role in enhancing human connections and societal growth have left an indelible mark.

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Empower your entrepreneurial journey with AI-driven solutions. Marlon Avery’s courses are designed to help entrepreneurs seamlessly integrate AI into their operations, driving efficiency and innovation.

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