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A few words About Me

Through my work, I strive to inspire and empower others to embrace AI and harness its potential for growth and innovation.

ABOUT Marlon

From Texas to Silicon Valley: My Journey

Born in Germany and raised in Texas, I’ve always been fueled by big dreams and a relentless drive to turn them into reality. My career has taken me from Texas to Atlanta, Silicon Valley, and now Miramar, FL, each step of the way enriching my expertise in AI and entrepreneurship.

As the founder of AImpact, I’ve led over 50 workshops and seminars, engaging more than 10,000 attendees globally, and collaborated with industry giants like Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

Dynamic Speaker and Workshop Host

As an entrepreneur, I’ve built several innovative platforms that blend technology and user experience. I founded Rekure, a multimedia sneaker social shopping platform, and developed the HaHa Davis app, an iOS SMS app that topped the App Store for three weeks. Additionally, I created Wallet Clicks, a digital business card company that revolutionized how professionals network.

In 2014, I attempted to build a Sneaker Authentic ML Model that could validate the authenticity of sneakers using your phone. Although incredibly difficult at the time due to the challenge of gathering a large enough dataset, this project fueled my passion for AI and set the stage for my future endeavors.

I am a dynamic speaker and event organizer. I host purposeful workshops designed to provide practical, hands-on experience with AI technologies. Whether it’s a corporate seminar, a tech conference, or an educational event, my goal is to deliver engaging and informative sessions that inspire participants to take action and innovate.

My events are tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences, providing insights into the latest AI trends and applications. Join me in exploring how AI can transform industries, drive business growth, and create a better future.


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